Was held Open Championship Stage 2 in city Bila Tserkva to overcome obstacles (jumping).

Saturday, 12 December 2015 09:37
Was held Open Championship Stage 2 in city Bila Tserkva to overcome obstacles (jumping).

The second stage was more successful than the first. The participants were much more spectators, and unlike the first stage came twice more.

Looking for a comforting statistic can safely say that the popularity of equestrian sport in Bila Tserkva gradually increasing. It was nice to watch the genuine emotions of viewers. Highlight children. In the of spectators took their own favorites, if they were supporting, happy or good results experienced unfortunate setbacks. I wish to at Bila Tserkva formed numerous cohort of of athletes and fans of equestrian sports. To with time Championship of Bila Tserkva to overcome obstacles has become outstanding event of the city, which thousands of fans have been waiting for. For the love of horses formed and love for all living things and beautiful on the planet. And love is something which is lacking in our society.

But back to sport. The second stage was held at the appropriate level and many participants have applied for participation in the finals to be held at the KSK "Tandem" September 29, 2013

We congratulate the participants and winners of the second stage.

Route №1 80cm
  1. Michael Kyrylyuk on Hasan
  2. Alexander Tereshchenko on Vinitep
  3. Dmitry Panko on America
Route №2 100 cm
  • Alex Ulianchenko in America
  • Alex Ulianchenko on Iraq
  • Anastasia Kuhar on Okop
  • Route №3 to 110 cm
  • Alex Ulianchenko Iraq
  • Michael Kyrylyuk at Viva-Gaitana
  • Route №4 (Grand Prix) to 120 cm
  • Michael Kyrylyuk at Topaz
  • Anna Zakrevska on Vinitepi
  • Michael Kyrylyuk in Effect
  • Great thanks to all who supported our competition: participants, spectators, media, local authorities. Special thanks to the people who provided financial support for the second phase of the championship city. This a deputy Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Vitaliy Chudnovsky . Team of the public reception of MP V. Chudnovsky, represented by V. Chernichenko, P`yatenko O.G., Sotnichenko T.V. Fursy Cossack hut under the leadership Col. Kulikov S.M.

    I bow to those who at this difficult time the opportunity to support equestrian sports and sports in general. And by supporting sports education Ukrainian healthy nation.