Between factory default test young horses sporting breeds. Romney 2014

Saturday, 12 December 2015 10:09

In this test, the sporting breeds of horses occurred in Romny Sumy region.

Organizer tests and host of the event was NGO equestrian club "Kasatkina." The team CSC "Kasatkin" - a group of enthusiasts, the true experts and connoisseurs of horses. In difficult for Ukraine and Ukrainian horse of all time, this team took on the heavy burden of responsibility for the state of the competition zootechnical event. And they all failed. All organizational aspects have been followed properly. "Respective Inter-Enterprise trial sporting breeds of horses" in Romny occurred in 2014.

Unfortunately because of political and military conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine judging panel was not able to lead the President trakenenskoho Union of Russia, Dorofeeva.

The team of judges representing Ukrainian fihivtsi:

  • Alexander M. Patch
  • Irina Tkachev
  • ferocious Sergey V.

These people special thanks for their enthusiasm through, commitment and love of horse breeding sporting breeds of horses in Ukraine is still alive.

It is sad is what zootechnical participate in the national event was a very small number of participants. This idea of ​​"test young horses sporting breeds" is the foundation of breeding sport horses. Assess progress and identify gaps breeding horses is only possible comparison and thorough analysis of the quality of young animals. Specifically, comparing the quality of young cattle, bulls, stallions, breeding stock, factory lines. Unfortunately, stud farms ignore such measures do not represent their young cattle for testing and comparison. Perhaps their stops that are doubts about the competitiveness artificially publicized imported brands that are actively cultivated. That stock, which was presented in Romny this year in my opinion was very high quality, but in some cases the horses were not quite prepared for the tests (not elaborated).

During the test all the flaws were discovered in the work. Judging panel made the comments, recommendations and suggestions konevlasnykam, trainers and riding master.

I wish that in the future similar tests were conducted with the support of the state and at state level. To test young horses sporting breeds were required "to compulsory stud farms and breeding facility and request them to participate as CSC and private horse owners. Only in this case, these tests may be indicated in breeding sport horses and fundamental basis for the development of equestrian sport in Ukraine.

This year CSC "Tandem" brought to trial in Romney mare PIs mask 2010 BC. on puns and rumor. His result we are pleased to category "Sports as" I took the mask place with 8,78 Balla assessment.

Once again I want to thank the organizers, judges and all who participated in the trials. I wish you all strength to strength, not give up and hope for the best.

Sincerely Director of CSC Tandem
Pavel Sherstiuk